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Noble Blood Book Covers

Shoppe... all covers here are Kindle only.  

Please send a message via the Contact NBB form after you purchase a pre made cover, with your book Title and author name. If you purchase a full Custom Cover, please send your contact information over along with Title, Author name and a synopsis of your story.

We aim to respond within 24 hours.

One custom digital image for your Kindle or eBook, in a 2400 x 1600 aspect ratio. This size meets all major publishers sizing guidelines, and ensures high quality/resolution images. This image can be one main picture or a blend of several images, depending on the tone and synopsis of your story.
Custom Kindle - eBook cover
Pre Made Cover
Moon Calling
Pre Made cover The Visitor.
The Visitor
Pre Made Cover
Fairy Falling
Pre Made Cover
Love Burns
Pre Made Cover
Wedding Keepsake
Pre Made Cover
Broken Promises
Pre Made Cover
Garnet Wedding
Pre Made Cover
Lacey Trinkets

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